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    For ALL

    Two versions: on stage and outdoors


    I’m shaping myself, I’m seeing myself, I exist, it’s not me, the wear, the rejection, the acceptation.

    Based from testimony, I’m questioning our perception of ourselves in front of the mirror: is it a tamed or a wrong image.

    The scenography is limited to one cube, a small and inner space.

    Circled by my own reflection, I’m studying and dissecting myself. Music on the piano and collected anonymous testimonies feed the introspection of this inverted double.

    “J’suis Schizo ... mais je me freine” is an initiative

    journey, an in-and-out between the body and the spirit, a path toward a freedom, the one of acceptance with yourself.

    Fadil KASRI


    “Piano forte,

    Sweet and strong,

    Calm and violent,

    A duality who call back one

    Of the mirror’s experience,

    This shock of the strangeness,

    Narcissistic wound,

    View of our inverted double,

    Horror toward the ego,

    A barrier to the divine.”

    Jean Stum





    Choreography and performance: Fadil KASRI

    Music Design: Jean STUM

    Choreographer’s assistant: Karine LE BRIS

    Light Design: Jérôme LE DIMET

    Set Design: Fadil KASRI

    Set Design and making: Viviane RABAUD and Fadil KASRI

    Duration : 30 minutes


    Cultural department of the city of Port-Louis

    (Brittany, France)

    Espace Jean Vilar of Lanester (Brittany, France)

    L’Estran of Guidel (Brittany, France)