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    Choreographic production for Young Public

    “A whole (with a big head) is splitting in two parts.

    In two “whole” who are inventing themselves through their dances.

    Dancing their own gesture,

    their own colors.

    Then, it’s the beginning of the dialogue,

    With paint on the fingertips.”


    This production is about the complementarity and the needs for differences. The script of the show, in different steps, stages, in a playful and colorful way, the multiple steps of the child’s construction: from the mother’s body where the child exists only inside this circle toward his social independence, going through the separation, the awareness of his uniqueness, of his body and his identity, before meeting the other, between encounters and complicity.

    To create bridges and gateways with the wealth and sharing of disparity, to accept, to respect and, before all, to cultivate the difference, this is the whole purpose of this production address to children from3 years old. 

    The choreographers are crossing their artistic languages to create a universe softly surreal and completely poetic.


    Choreography: Karine LE BRIS - Fadil KASRI

    Performers: Emilie DUBOIS - Fadil KASRI

    Light Design: Jérôme LE DIMET

    Sound Design: Fadil KASRI

    Set Design: Delphine BREHANT - Claire DISSEZ

    Costume Design: Lisa BEAUGEY

    Duration : 40 minutes

    Compagnie Eskemm
    Le Grand Théâtre - Ville de Lorient (56)
    Centre Culturel Athéna - Ville d'Auray (56)