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    Young public production (from 6 years)

    “I don’t want to grow up; I don’t want to become an adult. The adult’s world, it’s scaring me, they are doing too many things all the time, and then, they are always on a rush, they don’t even noticed me, they don’t listen to me. So that’s why, me, I prefer to hide myself in my own secret world that I invented. Like that, I can stay a little girl for my whole life.”

    From the imaginary world of this child will emerge a character, a friend who invites her to a dancing dialogue game which is the opportunity for her to slowly going outside her cosy cocoon, to open her eyes, to build herself and to discover the world as it is. Growing up, it’s in fact, to understand the differences between the truth and the lies and the world around us. It’s as well, knowing when to give up, to leave something behind us, to open new doors, other paths.

    Pour de faux” (or “Fake game”) is an initiatory travel, playful and poetic, game of dances and bodies, multiple images, drowning the perception of what’s is real or not.


    “Feed from the experience of “Quand il fait beau, il pleut des bulles”, we wanted to once again address ourselves to the young public.

    It’s in a complete coherence with our artistic approach of crossing artistic medium that the origin of this project was born: To confront the dance to the puppets’ world.

    A dancer, a puppet: two characters. The first one is real, made of flesh and blood, organic body, the second one is invented, assembly of different materials, body who’s gaining a life. He represents at the same time, the sluggish and the alive, the truth and the forgery. How to find the joint between those two entities; the one embodied, the other imagination?

    The human - puppet body face to face, question the boundary between reality and imagination. To confront, to melt, to confuse them, the duo is an in-and-out  between what does exist and what is living in our imagination, between what’s of the order of the possible and of the improbable.

    Karine Le Bris and Fadil Kasri    




    Conception: Karine LE BRIS 

    Choreography: Fadil KASRI and Karine LE BRIS


    Roxane DEFEVERE, Emilie DUBOIS, Fadil KASRI

    Music design: iOTA

    Puppets design: Didier LAHAYE

    Light design: Jérôme LE DIMET

    Costumes design: Lisa BEAUGET

    Artistic collaboration:

    Nathalie LE FLANCHEC (Stage actress - puppeteer)

    Outside look: Séverine COULON

    (Stage actress - puppeteer) de la Cie Bouffou Théâtre

    Duration : 50 minutes


    The Brittany DRAC,The ADAMI,The regional council of BrittanyThe general council of Morbihan,The city of Lorient,

    L’ADDAV 56 (support to the project)